Potty Training

Potty Training Guilt

Sometimes there are things we should never admit. There are things that we do as parents (even with our typical kids) that others would mark as odd or taboo. My husband has always been greatly outnumbered….our first 3 children are girls. All of our animals are girls. We finally got a boy cat and had him neutered. We finally have a son and the girls are making him play girly stuff with them. My husband thought my final feminine torture was painting the bathroom pink in order to potty train Madicyn. Seven years of trying every trick in the book hadn’t helped our toileting cause. This was my last straw idea. I thought if I made the bathroom somewhere she wanted to stay, she wouldn’t want to leave and maybe we could reach that goal. I went all out diva style. I painted the bathroom a light Princess pink. I added an antique dresser with a mirror right in front of the potty. (Madicyn loves to make faces into the mirror.) I added shelves to the walls that held delicate antique plates from Great Grandma, porcelain dolls, ceramic trinkets, and anything flowery and girly. Every hook and picture has flowers or perfume ads. Amazingly, after 7 years of accidents, Madicyn was potty trained!!! Girly-ing up the house worked! My husband still tells people I am trying to turn him into a girl.

For Elli, the color didn’t affect her at all. We went so far as to have a TV tray in the bathroom with her to color and write with dry erase on. She would spend so much time on the potty. When she would finally get up there would always be a little red ring on her tooshie, and soon a puddle on the floor next to her. One day when I just wanted to see if Charlie would use the potty, she heard claps and a party going on in the bathroom. She didn’t like that Charlie was getting so much praise for going potty, especially since he is 3 years younger than she is. Elli ran to the bathroom, pushed him off of the potty, sat down and went! After coming out of the shock, we had a massive potty party praising both kids. Elli is EXTREMELY stubborn!!! She was apparently just “showing” me that she could do it. We went a whole month without her going on the potty again….lots of sitting, but not actually going. With her, we would just keep interrupting her fun times and favorite activities to sit in the bathroom. Finally, she discovered that if she went on “her time” we wouldn’t break up computer or game time. Little Miss Sassy started going on her own. She still wears a diaper at night, but our days are dry.

Sadly, that trick does not always work. We are currently in the potty training trenches with Charlie. He is on a timed schedule where he sits on the potty every hour. He is so quick to go since he wants to get back out and play. He actually has always been great about going on the potty since he was only 1 ½ years old. The hard part is teaching him to hold it in between. We have huge successful DRY days and then we have days where he will go on the potty but 5 minutes later in his pants too. In one hour he had gone SEVEN times….3 on the potty and 4 about the house. (I still don’t know how that one was humanly possible.) On days like that I find it hard to keep up with the massive laundry pile that lurks in our basement. I counted 40 pairs of his big boy pants in the washer. Since he was having a rough time with holding that day, the washer did not get done before he had wet through his last pair of undies. I did what any good Mom would do. I scoured the house for any semi-clean ones. No luck they were ALL in the washer. I then went to the next best source…siblings dressers. Sadly for Charlie his brother is 25 and lives away from home. His next choice was in Elli. I went to grab a pair of her panties and got a giggle…if I am going to embarrass him, I am going to do it right. Poor Charlie fought me as I made him put on his sister’s PINK panties. Now I am not proud that I introduced him to wearing girl’s panties…and I will only take part of the blame if he grows up with a slightly taboo fetish. I am not proud, but a good Mom does what she has to…and then she laughs about it later.