Valerie is a super hard working, goal-oriented, and driven person. She is a great Mom with two children — Zyi’air (age 2) and D’Airerion (age 4). Valerie is currently in college taking on-line business management classes so she can eventually own her own restaurant. Once she graduates from business school, Valerie will be attending culinary arts classes. Valerie is a natural caregiver since she is a very sweet, loving, caring, and attentive person. During the day Valerie works with retired Veterans and then works with us a few nights a week. She has 6 dfferent clients that she cares for. She loves each and everyone of them. Valerie says, “I’m just a mom trying to give her kids the best out of life possible. I’m happy I was able to work for this amazing family. They have given me a different outlook on children with Autism. “