Mental Health Help

HELP!  Our Mental Health “System” (for lack of a better word) is in crisis.  Until my family was attempting to seek help for our special needs children, we had no idea how poorly run this system is.  Every doctor and professional we encountered would tell us, “The system is broken,” but no one would do anything to change it.  We cannot ignore this most vulnerable population any longer.  We NEED change NOW!!!

Please help families dealing with Mental Health issues by writing your politicians and letting them know Mental Health reform NEEDS to be a priority!  You can find links to your politicians by clicking here.  Let them know how horrible the process is to get help.  Remind them how many hurdles a family has to jump and how many brick walls they run into when seeking true help.  When a family is in crisis the last thing they have to be told is that there is no help.  Please be the voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.