Rick is a computer network engineer by day, and a man of many trades by night. He is an amazing cook, usually feeding an army of at least 10 for every meal. He is so generous…always finding time to repair a neighbor’s car, a relative’s computer, or a friend’s appliance. He is the brunt of our teasing since that is his way of communicating. He is an extremely involved and caring dad.

Rick’s favorite event every year…Polar Plunge in Support of Special Olympics. In the 5 years Rick and team have taken the ICY swim in the Detroit River, Team Rising Above Autism has proudly donated over $30,000 to the most amazing athletes that compete in Special Olympics. It is near and dear to Rick since all 4 of our kids have competed in the past. Madicyn, Elli, and Charlie still compete every year at our local Special Olympics.

Ed and Rick showing off their fancy Autism puzzle piece bikinis. (Notice how everyone else is trying to keep warm in their winter coats while our dedicated and brave (or crazy) guys are all smiles.)