Charlie meeting Carl the Deer

Charlie is our car guy. He loves all cars…”Cars” the movie, Hot Wheels, monster trucks, tractors, etc. He also is all about animals, and loves to snuggle with his puppy. Charlie loves watching cartoons, lining up his cars, playing in the sand box, writing words, reading, jumping on his trampoline, and swimming. Charlie’s hardest struggle with his severe Autism is just beginning. He is starting to show his stubbornness, zoning-out moments, headbutting, and unwillingness to cooperate, while still trying to be an 12-year-old little boy. Charlie has the toughest guardian angel who has kept him safe…even when putting his head through 18 glass windows, or when taking huge leaps off tall objects that he has climbed. We all have a hard time keeping up with Charlie and his incredible level of energy. He has no fear and is a rough-and-tumble bundle of fun and smiles.