Melissa is the most amazing, compassionate, and understanding Special Education Teacher.  Melissa has worked feverishly hard to get all of her degrees from Saginaw Valley State University.  She has a dual-Bachelors in Elementary Education and Special Education, a Masters in Special Education, an Autism endorsement, and a Cognitive Impairment endorsement.  During high school and college Melissa was working in other special needs classrooms and homes.  She gained so much experience and so many ideas that she then brought to our home (including our scheduling system that the kids use).  While in college, Melissa had spent a few years working with our kids.  Melissa has been a Cognitive Impairment Teacher for several years now.  Her classroom is technically cross-categorical, housing children with a variety of special needs, several having Autism.  She missed our family so much that after working as a Special Education teacher for a few years, she decided to do double duty and come back to working with us at night, even after a long day at school.  We are so lucky that she did.