Most people believe that Emma is another one of our daughters since she has been a part of our crazy group for so long.  Emma is our neighbor and Tedi’s best friend.  She practically lived with us her entire childhood, so once she was old enough to officially work with us, she hopped on the opportunity.  Her extremely creative and artistic skills are a true benefit at our house.  Most 22-year-olds would not want to hang out with such a noisy, chaotic crowd.  Emma not only loves it, but accepts and embraces it.  She LOVES working with the kids and participating in all of our crazy schemes…and even comes up with a few of her own.  While working with the kids, Emma discovered occupational therapy and fell in love.  She is now in her fifth year of college working towards a  Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Health Services and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.  Now that she is in the OT program, she loves incorporating what she has learned into the kid’s daily lives.  She began her third year at WMU (Western Michigan University) where she and our Emily (helper from years past) are roommates.  (We just love that they didn’t even know each other before working at our house, and now have developed such a strong friendship.  It is extra rewarding that all of our helpers are great friends.)  Emma has spiffy dance moves and is an adorable dork.  We can’t wait for Emma’s next trip home to work with the kids.