Cristen is our free spirit.  She is her own person, never being influenced by those around her.  In fact, most people want to be like her… and there couldn’t be a better role model.  Cristen is sincere, accepting, artistic, and has a great sense of humor.  She is the voice of reason and always cares for those around her.  She is very laid back and always has an open mind to try new things. Cristen is a shining star that draws everyone to her.  Although she has incredible art skills and is so multi-talented, Cristen is extremely humble and always brings out the best in others.  She is constantly researching new techniques and interventions to find new things to try with the kids.  She has been here for so long that the kids think of her as their older sister.  Cristen worked extremely hard to get her bachelors from Oakland University’s Social Work program, with a concentration in Addiction Studies and a double minor in Sociology and Child Welfare. As part of her practicum experience, she completed a year of mentoring as a behavior technician and a research assistant at Oakland University’s Autism Clinic. She then received her Masters in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Wayne State University. She began her practicum experience at University Pediatricians Autism Center and completed her internship at Hawthorn Psychiatric Hospital where she helped develop their first Developmental Behavior Unit for patients with dual diagnoses. Cristen is currently working at Hawthorn as a behavioral consultant, while studying for her certification exam to become a certified BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst).  We are so incredibly blessed that over 8 years ago Cristen chose to join our chaotic family and has been here ever since.