Chloe fits in very well with our family. She is our other Disney princess (alongside Madicyn of course!). She is studying Special Education at Wayne State University, while gaining hands-on experience at our house. She has been inspired by our kids to work with individuals with special needs. Chloe is very energetic and loves to have fun with the kids. When Chloe is here she fills our home with laughter. She is a very fun storyteller and keeps the kids focused and engaged. She often takes care of her younger sister and has lots of experience working with preschool age children. We are so lucky that all of the girls have become such good friends. On their days off the girls still talk about and miss our kids, and even use the kids’ quotes when communicating with each other. Chloe is a pro reciting Disney lines back and forth with the kids.  We are so blessed that when Chloe left to seek another job she missed us so much that she came back to working at our house. Chloe is very silly and loves making the kids laugh. She also likes to sing Disney songs with Madicyn (because they’re both Princesses of course).