Our Adventures

When the kids were younger we never missed out on whole family adventures.  We loved to go to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum, Special Olympics, county fairs, trying out different parks, Combine Demolition Derby, Autism Walks, Pistons games, riding four wheelers, trips to Disney World, dinner out in a group of at least 20, hanging out on the farm, Polar Bear Plunge, movie set for “Transformers 4,” Disney on Ice, quick day trip adventures, water parks, trip to Grandpa’s farm, etc.  We could always be found squeezing as many people as we could into Brutus, our 12 passenger van, and racing off to our next fun outing.  We get a lot of looks when our pack of 12 people or more show up all dressed the same (easier not to lose anyone).  Check our adventures (listed in the drop down box above) and our photo gallery to enjoy pictures of all of the fun.

Sadly, the older the kids get we are experiencing more behaviors that make it harder for us to go on our adventures as a family.  We now have to have “Only Child Date Night” where we take turns taking only 1 child out to dinner or on a special adventure that is suited just to them.  In the coming months I will be sharing some our of stories… some fun, and some that made me question ever leaving the house again.  Good or bad, there is NEVER a dull moment with this crazy family!