Sweet 16!

We need your help to celebrate Madicyn’s sweet 16th birthday…

Please help Madicyn celebrate her Sweet 16th birthday.  Since Madicyn was born on Leap Day 2000, she has only had 4 actual birthdays.  This year she will celebrate Sweet 16 ON her actual birthday.Madicyn is a beautiful, funny, and smart teenager that loves to laugh and watch Disney movies.  Madicyn’s severe non-verbal Autism makes communication challenging.  When Madicyn talks, it is usually in the form of Disney Princess quotes.  Some of her behaviors draw others to stare, but Madicyn handles it all with the grace of a true princess.Please help us to make her Sweet 16 the best imaginable.  Madicyn loves all things Disney, all things pink, and all things Princess.  Please send her a birthday card, note, or drawing to:
Madicyn Jensen
P.O. Box 985
Mount Clemens, MI  48046