Proud Little Helper


Time to rake the leaves and clean-up the yard.  All of the kids came out to help (some willing and some… not so willing).  Charlie had a blast picking up the rocks throughout the flower beds and throwing them into a pile.  Madicyn tried escaping the backyard several times to avoid helping.  She had to be reminded several times to NICELY put the sand toys into a pile.  Tedi was filling garbage cans and leaf bags and then running them out to the curb.  The biggest helper was not the one I expected.  Elli Lou grabbed a rake and dragged the leaves out into the driveway.  She helped move yard toys and rake out the sandbox.  Anything we asked, she did without repeated prompting.  I love that she was such a big helper, but the best part was that she was proud of herself for how much work she had done.  Watching her smile, stand a little taller, and feel super important was a beautiful sight.